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27 March 2018

Burning energy issues of today:

What difference can women make?

The Club discussions will focus, as usual, on some of the current burning issues in energy, investment and geopolitics that keep our membership awake at night. The deliberations will also seek ways to respond to new opportunities that arise in the energy and related sectors while effectively managing multiple risks that disrupt business.

Future changes in energy are inextricably linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the convergence of rapidly-advancing technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres, from automation to artificial intelligence, from big data to biotech.

There will be a special focus this year on “Women in Energy”. It is not merely for advocating positive discrimination, special quotas,  and pay in the workplace and boardrooms for women.

Rather than a simple PR activity for companies and governments, the Club believes that the women-in-energy reality must become more of a business philosophy, triggering practical actions and choices to ensure “diversity in energy” and success for business.

The closed dinner session is for members and special guests to debate the critical energy sector issues at hand, kicked-off by Oleg Aksyutin, CEO, South Stream Transport (in charge of Turkish Stream gas pipeline project).


“We are missing 50 percent of the talent if we do not bring in more females”

 08:00-09:00    Registration

09:00-10:00     Setting the scene

Moderator: Mehmet Öğütçü, Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club 

  • Sıla Bozok, Young Leader in BEC Energy Programme
  • Berat Albayrak,Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey*
  • Mohamed A.Althani, former Minister of Trade and Economy, Qatar
  • Cornelia Mayer, Chairwoman, MRL Corporation
  • Dilek Ayhan, former State Secretary of Trade and Industry, Norway


10:00-11:45 What are the burning energy matters today? 

Co-Moderator: Aida Sitdikova, Director, Energy, Russia, Caucasus & Central Asia, EBRD 

  • Canan Özsoy, President & CEO, GE, TurkeyUnderstanding game-changers in energy technologies
  • Ömer Faruk Özgül, Chairman, Özgül Holding,Emerging renewable energy trends: What next in solar and wind?
  • Mircea Geoana, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Romania and President, Aspen Institute, Achieving effective transition to a more sustainable, affordable, secure and inclusive energy system
  • Waleed A. Elkhereiji, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision: What it means for the energy sector?”
  • Işankuli Amanliyev, Ambassador of Turkmenistan, The new dynamics in Turkmenistan’s initiatives towards energy security
  • Murat Bilgiç,Deputy CEO, TürkiyeİşBankası, Responding to the challenge of financing energy projects in favourable terms
  • Murat Çolakoğlu, Deputy Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club and Partner, PwC Turkey,Adapting business models to the changes in energy industy and funding?
  • Albert Haak,TurkishStreamEngineering, An update of thenextsteps to complete the TurkishStreampipelines
  • Duygu Sever Mehmetoğlu, Young Leader in BEC Energy Programme, What prospects in the next decade for nuclear renaissance?


11:45-12:00 Coffee break and networking 

12:00-13:30 Luncheon discussion:“Dealing effectively with mounting geopolitical risks and climate change concerns” 

Co-moderator: Haydar Çolakoğlu, Vice-Chairman, EgeGaz

  • Nick Catsaras, Partner, Hakluyt
  • Mohammad EbrahimTaherian Fard, Ambassador, The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Abzal Saparbekulı, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Harry Tzimitras, Director, Prio Cyprus Centre
  • Robert Amsterdam, Partner, Amsterdam & Partners LLP
  • John Roberts, Partner, Methinks
  • Julian Popov, former Minister of Environment, Bulgaria
  • Mithat Rende, former Ambassador and Energy Diplomat, Turkey
  • Balazs Hendrich, Consul-General, The Embassy of Hungary


13:30-15:00 Women success stories: How have they done it? 

Co-Moderator: Yaprak Özer, CEO, Indeks Content & Communication Management Consultancy 

  • Nadezhda Neynsky, Ambassador of Bulgaria and former Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Esther van der Vleuten, Partner, PwC Netherlands
  • Rüya Bayegan, CEO, Bayegan
  • Şengül Demircan, Director, Şişecam Human Resources and Corporate Communications
  • Erika Olson, EconomicCounselor (energydiplomacy), US Embassy
  • Gulmira Rzayeva, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic Studies, Azerbaijan
  • Lale Ergin, Executive Committee Member, Borusan Holding
  • Merve Erdil, Energy Correspondent, Hürriyet


15:00-15:30 Coffee break and networking 

15:30-16:30 Barriers to women in energy: How to overcome them? 

Co-Moderator: Pelin Akın Özalp, Board Member,AkfenHolding 

  • Murat Yeşildere, EgonZehnder’s Office Leader, Turkey
  • Bina Hussein,Associate Director, Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
  • Kanat Emiroğlu, CEO, ALARES, UK
  • Beste Gücümen, Women Initative Leader, Partner, PwC Turkey


16:30-17:30  Bettering options for women empowerment 

Co-Moderator: Melsa Ararat, Chairwoman, Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum 

  • Defne Sadıklar Arslan, Turkey Director, Atlantic Council
  • Lynn Croas, CEO, Trafalgar Oil and Gas Trading, US
  • Tatiana Ivanova, Head of Nuclear Science Division, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
  • Sıla Uysal, Young Leader in BEC Energy Programme


17:30-17:45  Messages and Recommended Actions 

  • Neslihan Tonbul, Board Member, PETKIM
  • Mehmet Öğütçü, Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club


Only for members and special guests 

19:30-22:30 Exclusive dinner debate, an off-the-record discussionunder the Chatham House rule[1],

Our guest speaker is Oleg Aksyutin, CEO, South Stream Transport (in charge of Turkish Stream gas pipeline project), who has kindly agreed to provide an update of where the project stands, what benefits it will likely bring to the local economy and the next steps, followed by a question and answer session.

The free-wheeling debate will then move on to other broader projects and issues that preoccupy government and business leaders and call for fresh responses. Each participant is expected to contribute his/her own perspectives and suggestions in personal capacity on these energy, investment and geopolitical issues.

Venue: Swissotel – Asuka, Vişnezade Mahallesi, Acısu Sokaği No:19, 34357 Beşiktaş/ İstanbul, Turkey,

with Club members and special guests, featuring in an off-the-record discussion, hosted by Özgül Holding.


Note: Please get in touch with Havva Dilmen (havva.dilmen@pwc.com)for membership and sponsorship opportunities. 

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