turkeys_changing_power_marketsPublished by : Bloomberg New Energy Finance | Nov 18 2014

The Turkish government is pursuing an energy strategy involving a rapid expansion of coal-fired generation. This White Paper asks if a renewables-based strategy could pose a viable and cost-effective alternative.

The 53-page report, entitled Turkey’s Changing Power Markets, examined in detail the Turkish government’s official plans, which assume that power demand will increase at more than 5% per year between now and 2030 to keep pace with economic growth. The plans also see a big fall in gas-fired generation, a sharp rise in coal-fired generation, and an approximate doubling in Turkey’s power sector emissions.

The study found that it would cost almost the same (around $400bn) to build up and run Turkey’s electricity generation to meet the growth in power demand between now and 2030, whether the capacity gap is closed with a mix of domestic lignite resources and hard coal or with investment in a mix of clean energy technologies. The latter approach would take advantage of expected significant reductions in the levelised cost of electricity per MWh for both solar photovoltaics and wind over the next decade and a half.

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