Anita Hoffmann

For the Bosphorus Club

Author: Anita Hoffmann , Executiva Ltd.


Food for thought

The widening age and values gap Volumes have been written about the talent age gap in our energy and manufacturing industries.

Little has been documented about the widening values gap.

We are all witnessing the immense popularity of Sustainability and Environmental university degrees attracting young high potential leaders and now the rise of Social Enterprises capturing the imagination, passion and energy of both young and more mature leaders.

As a coach and executive search consultant I speak every day to senior executives who are planning their exits long before normal retirement age to either become Non-Executive Directors, Advisors or lead purpose driven companies in e.g. Renewable Energy, CleanTech or with social or community

With our industries age profiles, and the need to attract and retain leaders of the future, this stream of leaders leaving or in case of young leaders, the decision not to join our companies is a risk to our businesses and future competitiveness we need to address.

This thought piece aims to describe the forces shaping this widening gap and some thoughts on how business and government can develop solutions.

In short – societal expectations of business are changing and this has impact on;
• How business will engage with wider society
• What kinds of projects and activities will become part of their business model
• The way leaders think of their careers and what they want to contribute
• The skills and competencies needed by the leaders of the future
• The way leaders needs to be recruited, developed, promoted and retained

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