“Building bridges and forging partnerships in regional energy”

The Bosphorus Energy Club is an exclusive membership-only gathering of the key shakers and movers in the energy and geopolitical world of Eurasia, the MENA, the Gulf, and Southeast Europe. It serves as a Track-II energy diplomacy channel as well as a discreet but powerful summit of the top decision-makers for regional issues.and projects.

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The Turkish Stream: Where to go from here?

The Turkish Stream: Where to go from here?

Hürriyet Daily News | January 29/2015 Mehmet Öğütçü / Danila Bochkarev |  The landmark agreement on the Turkish Stream reached on Jan. 27 shows Moscow’s determination to avoid Ukrainian transit at all costs and start its implementation without delay. If all goes well, natural gas currently flowing from Russia to the EU via Ukraine will in...

For shale gas to take off in Turkey, better incentives and environmental regulations needed

Danila Bochkarev, Senior Fellow, EastWest Institute (Brussels) Mehmet Öğütçü, President, the Bosphorus Energy Club (London/Istanbul)    Clearly, energy is Turkey’s softbelly and it needs to be enhanced through new sources including shale gas. The country is in dire need of energy supplies to fuel its rapidly growing economy – despite some difficulties Turkey’s GDP still grew...