300x300_logoThe Club and its activities are financed entirely through membership fees, listed below, (which vary for founding partners and regular members) and company/ government sponsorship for ad hoc activities.

The founding partners serve as directors of the board, are offered a higher profile and power to influence the programme of work and enjoy exclusive access to senior-level engagements, strategic insights and activities. Regular Club members pay a fixed subscription per year in order to benefit from the Club activities and engagements.

Current founding members include: Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, EgeGaz, Genel Energy, Tüpraş, Aygaz, Opet, Socar, BP, Shell, Chevron, HSBC, PwC, Global Resources Partnership, TPAO, BOTAS, Akfel and Bayegan Group. It goes without saying that we remain open for new members in energy, technology, finance and investment businesses around the world who share the same values, objectives and principles.

We do not intend to expand quickly and pay utmost attention to peer-to-peer dialogue and partnership. Our efforts are underway to reach wider and relevant group of businesses and organisations in the region for membership to ensure a sound and transparent basis to financially sustain the Club while at the same time further sharpening its core mission in accordance with its members’ priorities and interests.