TT - Joshua Walker

Mehmet Ogutcu (left), Chairman of the Bosphorus Energy Club, underscored Turkey’s important place in the energy space as “the world’s energy demand and supply maps are being redrawn,” with Turkey both as a major conduit and heavy importer.

The Tuft University Fletcher School’s | April 2014

Building off of “Turkey’s Turn? Perennial Linchpin or Emerging Hub?”, a conference hosted by the Institute for Business in the Global Context (IBGC) at The Fletcher School in April 2014, this report dives into the many questions confronting Turkey today. From the government at home, to threats on its borders, to the country’s evolving role in international business, this report digs deeper into the ideas and insights that emerged over the two-day event and ties them to the ongoing conversation around Turkey and its place in the world.
Download to the report: Turkeys_Turn