Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) | 

London, 13 April 2015 | By Mehmet Öğütçü | Chairman


World energy game-changers

  • Changing dynamics, game, players and rules
  • New demand map, changes in energy mix, and unconventional supply sources
  • Shift in trading and investment patterns
  • Volatility in prices, technological breakthroughs
  • Environment, efficiency and climate change
  • Is energy security a national security matter?
  • Heightened geopolitical, cyber  and other risks


Complex dynamics in Eurasia

  • No longer a “terra incognito” but out of focus on the international radar now
  • Substantial deposits of rich natural resources
  • The prizes of the new Great Game – Pipelines, tanker routes, petroleum consortiums and PSCs
  • East of Baku – it is China and Russia to play
  • SCO, Eurasia Union, BSEC, ECO, China Silk Road Fund
  • Sanctions against Russia hurt Central Asia
  • Intra-Central Asian conflicts, political succession risk

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