Faig Galib Abbasov 
University of Sheffield, Elmfield, Northumberland road, Sheffield S10 2TU, UnitedKingdom
The major objective of this paper is to apply a multidimensional lens to the E
uropeanUnion’s(EU’s) vision to the yet to be establish Southern Gas Corridor. Iwill argue that,the EU’s natural gas vision towards the Caspian basin is b
ased not only on bringing additional gas volumes to the EU markets in order to ensur ephysical security of supply.It is rather multidimensional external governance geared, firstly, towards absorbing all the actors along the whole value chain in to the EU’s common energy regulatory framework and shifting energy provision from a bilateral political domain. Secondly,it is aprocess of diffusion of norms and valuesin to the governance system of the energy partners.

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the southern gas corridor