mehmet_ogutcu2Anadolu Agency | 30 March 2015

By Arif Hudaverdi Yaman

– Mehmet Ogutcu, an internationally-recognized energy expert, has been appointed to the board of management of Sisecam Group, one of Turkey’s most energy-consuming companies

Internationally-recognized energy expert, Mehmet Ogutcu, has been appointed to the board of management of one of the most established industrial and most energy-consuming organizations in Turkey, the Sisecam Group.

The Sisecam Group is an industrial group and leader in the field of plate glass, glassware, glass packaging and chemicals. It employs 20,000 employees and exports to 150 countries. The company consumed 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2014 which equates to one fourth of Istanbul’s annual consumption.

Ogutcu is also member of oil and natural gas exploration/production company Genel Energy’s administrative body and is president of London-based Global Resources Partnership.

Ogutcu’s appointment came amid news that he plans to make investments in the field of energy efficiency and energy production to enhance the company’s contribution in the energy field.