12 October 2015, from 15:30 pm, at Turkish Ambassador’s Residence (69 Portland Place, W1B 1QS, London). Attendance is by invitation only.





This is a major development strategy and framework, proposed by China that focuses on connectivity and co-operation among countries primarily in Eurasia. It consists of two main components, the land-based “Silk Road Economic Belt” and ocean-going “Maritime Silk Road”, promoted sinceSeptember 2013.

As part of its strategic ambitions, Beijing wants to create such a colossal infrastructure network through Central Asia, Middle East and Turkey to Europe in order to connect with high value markets while also expanding its own economic and political influence in Eurasia. It is the most significant and far-reaching project the nation has ever put forward, having domestic and foreign policy implications for all the countries along the ancient Silk Road.

China hopes that its annual trade volume with belt and road countries will exceed $2.5 trillion in a decade or so. Together, the Silk Road economic belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road to Africa and the Pacific cover 65 countries on three continents and 4.4 billion people. Infrastructure construction will likely drive development that can pave the ground for greater economic co-operation, also enhancing mutual security dependence.

The funds made available for this Initiative have aroused considerable appetite among financiers and project developers. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank founded by China with the participation of 56 other countries is dedicated to lending for projects in this region. China also announced plans to create a $40 billion development fund. In November 2014 to invest in businesses rather than lend money for projects.

Although this Initiative has been much talked about for the past two years, many governments and business groups have understood little. Hence, there is a pressing need to deepen understanding of what’s at stake, benefits and risks for all stakeholders involved this way or another.

Prompted by this need, The Bosphorus Energy Club (www.bosphorusenergyclub.org) and The Windsor Energy Group have joined forces in co-organising a roundtable discussion in London on the various aspects of the Initiative under the hostship of the Turkish Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgic.


15.30                  Arrival of guests, registration and networking

Deliberations will be moderated by Mehmet Öğütçü, Chairman, Bosphorus Energy Club, with Q/A after each session.

16:00-16:40     Setting the scene: What does this Initiative stand for?

  • Abdurrahman Bilgic, Ambassador, Republic of Turkey
  • David Howell, Baron Howell of Guildford, Chairman, Windsor Energy Group, and former Secretary of State for Energy
  • Liu Xiaoming, Ambassador, People’s Republic of China (tbc)
  • Erzhan Kazykhanov, Ambassador, Republic of Kazakhstan

16:40-17:40      Panel of experts: What are the difficulties and opportunities in implementation?

  • (tbd) Chinese company and government executives
  • Michal Meidan, Director, China Matters
  • Aida Sitdikova, Director, Energy and Natural Resources, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia, EBRD
  • Dame Fiona Woolf, former Lord Mayor
  • Ian Walker, Managing Director, MEC


17:40-18:00     Q/A and key messages to governments and businesses

18:00                 Reception


Windsor Energy Group (WEG) and the Bosphorus Energy Club (BEC)

The Bosphorus Energy Club is an exclusive membership-only gathering of the key shakers and movers in the energy, finance and geopolitical world of Eurasia, China, the MENA, the Gulf and Southeast Europe.

The Club, as a low profile but strong influence gathering of the energy world, provides an exclusive platform to consider energy, infrastructure and investment needs, share strategic knowledge, power network, develop innovative solutions, and help reduce geopolitical tensions. It also acts as a Track-II energy diplomacy channel where so requested.

Its influential network, strategic intelligence, early warning signals and engagements are only available to and can be tapped for the benefit of the Club members. Attendance to its year-long events, exclusive meetings, ad hoc activities and annual summit is by-invitation-only.


The Windsor Energy Group (WEG) is an MEC working group that addresses global energy issues and challengesthrough discussion and analysis involving senior figures from the public and private sectors.  Membership is by annual subscription.

WEG provides a framework for an exchange of views on strategic energy matters of the day.  This is achieved through a bi-monthly programme of studies assessing developments on a regional and global basis and expert round-tables.

The Group meets annually in Windsor Castle for a two-day consultation and consideration of the discussions of the year. WEG offers occasional briefings and meetings with similar bodies in Europe, North America and the Middle East.

List of participants:

Title First name Last name Organization Position
Mr. Waheed Qaiser Maxim Corporate Finance LLP Vice Chairman
Mr. Ahmet Iplikci The British Chamber of Commerce in Turkey Advisory Board Member
Mr. Juan Carlos Lombardo Embassy of Mexico Economic Affairs
Ms. Yelena Donn Goldman Sachs International Associate, Investment Management
Mr. Tam Latymer Chambers of Tam Latymer Barrister
Dr. Shirin Akiner University of London
Mr. Ashok Dani Addco ltd Director
Mr. Zhantuar Zhumanalin University of Westminster Student
Mr. Sanzhar Zhumanalin University of Westminster Student
Ms. Irina Anichshuk Goldman Sachs International Growth Markets Financing Group
Ms. Kamila Zhailaubayeva Air Astana Senior Interline Executie
Mr. Charlie Humphreys Asia House Director of Corporate Affairs
Ms. Jacqueline Jinks Global Strategy Forum Director
Mr. Peter Morley EM Consultant
Ms. Nazakat Azimli King’s College London postgraduate student in International Political Economy
Mr. Nigel Davies Wyn River Limited Managing director
Dr. Alexander Estrin AL Capital Management Partner
Dr. Liudmila Sheremeteva FSEE Managing director
Mr. John Roberts Methinks Energy Security Specialist and Senior Partner
Mr. Nigel Peters British Expertise International Director
Mr. Tony Crark Bav Group CEO
Mr. Chris-Gordon Wilson Security Consortium International Ltd Managing director
Mr. David Pun D P & Associates Director
Mr. David Skeels Eurasian Energy Ventures Ltd Director
Mr. Agris Lauzinieks AL Capital Management President
Mr. Alexandre Iliouchine Calash Ltd Senior Market Analyst
Mr. Biplab Rakshi Atomic Acquisitions Ltd Managing Director and Founder
Ms. Elena Chambers Capital Europe Consultants Director
Mr. Mako Abashidze British Georgian Chamber of Commerce Director
Ms. Luna Irshaid Elite International Assets Country Manager
Ms. Ana Escobedo ArcelorMittal Director
Mr. Filippo Gamba Inspiratia Director
Ms. Maureen Raymond Zan4 Ltd Director
Mr. Theodore Lemos Energoplan Director
Mr. Chandra Dhupelia Council for Education in the Commonwealth
Dr. Zheng Gang Nie Imperial College London
Dr. Tom Wales BP Group Political Adviser
Mr. Wei Jiao Brandon Hill Capital Limited Corporate Finance
Mr. Antoine Cigrang Luxembourg Embassy Assistant at the Luxembourg Embassy
Mr. Taras Saulyak Embassy of Ukraine First Secretary (Economic Section)
Mr. Charles Lichfield Eurasia Group Associaate, Europe
Mr. James Sawyer Eurasia Group Associaate, Europe
Mr. Stephen Nash MEC Director
Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes Chairman Republicans Oversea UK
Lady Susan Griffiths Board member Republicans Oversea UK
Mr. Stephen Phillips China-Britain Business Council. Chief Executive
Minister Elizabeth Dibble US Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission
Mr. Andrew Scantlebury Pathway Caribbean Ltd. Managing Director
Ms. Hafiza Antoniades Pathway Caribbean Ltd.
Mr. James Marney Italic Director
Mr. Ian MacIntyre-Thomas
Mr. Jeffrey Dorm
Mr. Peter Simon CMS- Cameron McKenna Partner
Ms. Gabrielle Stewart English Tutor Tutor
Mr. Jeffrey Doorn Paradise Press Overseas relations officer
Ms. Thalia El Chammah
Mr. Pavel Kozlov Russian Embassy Diplomat
Ms. Eleni Papadopoulou Oil, Gas & LNG Senior consultant
Mr. Gintaras Stonys Lithuanian Embassy Minister Counsellor
Mr. Alisher Kurmanov Uzbek Embassy Ambassador
Ms. Zuzana Princova Oil, Gas & LNG Colleague #60
Ms. Shirin Akiner London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies Lecturer Central Asian Studies
Ms. Lara Fatah Zenraw Consulting Director
Mr. Peter Szabadhegy Hungarian Embassy Ambassador
Mr. Greg Pytel
Ms. Aida Sitdikova EBRD Director
Mr. Marvin Buddingh Wyn River Limited colleague #17
Ms. Zeinolla Kalymbetov KazService Association Representative
Ms. Olga Maintland Defence and Security Forum Chairman
Mr. Fanglu Wang Citic capital Senior Managing Director
Ms. Vanessa Raine Gilan Holding, Azerbaijan European Business Director
Mr. Kanat Ayaguzov Nomura, Lion Place Managing Director
Mr. Abdel Boudehana MEC international Project Manager
Mr. Michal Meidan China Matters Director
Mr. Stephen Rogers Arthur D. Little UK Partner
Mr. Rudi Guraziu IBDE Executive Chairman
Mr. Zhenggang Nie Imperial College London Research Associate
Mr. Babak Madadi Next Generation Energy Consortium CEO
Mr. Rex Rexhmati IBDE Commercial Director
Mr. Mahmut Sinoplu TransTech Capital Venture Partner
Ms. Rebecca Spring-Mills Global Account Director, Energy & Natural Resources SAP
Mr. Ian Walker Managing Director MEC
Mr. Pelle Ram Project Manager MEC
Mr. Alec Bourdages Project Manager MEC
Ms. Bdour Speih Project Manager MEC