“Building bridges and forging partnerships in regional energy”

The Bosphorus Energy Club is an exclusive membership-only gathering of the key shakers and movers in the energy and geopolitical world of Eurasia, the MENA, the Gulf, and Southeast Europe. It serves as a Track-II energy diplomacy channel as well as a discreet but powerful summit of the top decision-makers for regional issues.and projects.

Interview with Mehmet Öğütçü at London Energy Club February Meeting

Interview with Mehmet Öğütçü at London Energy Club February Meeting

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The Beijing Energy Club's 2013 Annual Report

The Beijing Energy Club’s 2013 Annual Report

  Beijing Energy Club (BEC) had a very productive year in 2013, during which a total of 16 events, including 11 special-focus seminars, were organized. It was a record-setting year in terms of the quality and quantity of events since its inception five years ago; from Energy in the Arctic – environmental and geopolitical challenges...
Our Partners

Our Partners

The club has entered into mutually beneficial partnership with many like-minded, influential international groups including, inter alia:


  The Club and its activities are financed entirely through membership fees, listed below, (which vary for founding partners and regular members) and company/ government sponsorship for ad hoc activities. The founding partners serve as directors of the board, are offered a higher profile and power to influence the programme of work and enjoy exclusive access to...