08 Anadolu Agency Energy Terminal | 18 Dec,2014 | 

By Selen Tonkus | 

– Canadian Iskander Energy considers investment in the Turkish mining sector for turning coal methane gas into power

Canadian Iskander Energy may switch its coal mine investments to Turkey from the Ukraine, as their licenses are located in the disputed eastern part of the country, Iskander CEO told The Anadolu Agency Wednesday.

CEO Jaroslav Kinach, who is also former advisor to Ukrainian prime minister, said that as the company stopped all activities in Ukraine, Turkey’s coal mine potential is being considered in 2015 with the aim of achieving cheaper energy sources whilst ensuring mining safety.

Kinach explained the dilemma with methane gas which can act as an air pollutant while it is being vented.

“To make mines safe while mining for coal, it is necessary to first vent the methane gas which is a serious pollutant to the atmosphere. So while the coal mine and its miners’ safety is being assured, venting the methane gas into the air seriously increases air pollution and adds to greenhouse gases,” explained Kinach.

He said that rather than wasting the methane gas, it can be captured and used to power electricity generating stations.

“This would reduce Turkey’s reliance on importing natural gas and contribute to energy security in addition to generating employment and providing fiscal benefits to Turkey,” he said.

“I am very interested to seriously look for opportunities in Turkey and will explore this option to export Canadian experience and know-how in this very technically-driven business to Turkey,” he added.

On the topic of the Turkish Stream, the new pipeline project from Russia to Turkey, Kinach said that Turkey should approach the issue as a way of becoming a real regional gas hub by integrating LNG terminals into the project, rather than only transferring the gas via the pipeline.

“The challenge is the cost of the opportunity to assess well what is cheaper and better for Turkey,” he added.