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Brookings Foreign Policy | February 23, 2015

In the past several years, major natural gas fields have been discovered in the Eastern Mediterranean. These discoveries have the potential both to transform the energy outlook of the countries in which they were found, and foster regional energy cooperation.

Foreign Policy at Brookings releases two new policy papers on the gas energy discoveries offshore Israel and the Gaza Strip by Fellows Tim Boersma and Natan Sachs. The first looks at the potential development of the Palestinian Gaza Marine gas field and its importance to the Palestinian economy. The second discusses the evolution of Israel’s energy policy since large discoveries were made in Israeli waters, and the effect of this process on development of the fields, and possible regional cooperation.

In these policy papers, Boersma and Sachs make important contributions to understanding how to overcome the formidable diplomatic challenges of fostering energy cooperation in a region rife with long-standing tensions.

Martin Indyk, Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy at Brookings