Shangri-La Bosphorus | Besiktas, Istanbul

10 July 2017


New energy dynamics and challenges: How
would they impact our business decisions?

 Draft Agenda (as of 30 June 2017)


19:30 – 23:00

Introductory Remarks

Mehmet Öğütçü, Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club

Berat Albayrak, Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (tbc)


Decarbonisation, digitalisation and decentralisation in energy

Jeroen van Hoof, Global Power & Utilities Assurance Leader, Central Cluster Leader Energy, Utilities & Mining EMEA, Industry Leader EU&M the Netherlands, PwC


New trends in world energy: What actions to take on the boards?

Bob Dastmaich, Vice President, Chevron

Emeliana Rice-Oxley, Vice President, Petronas, Malaysia

Haydar Çolakoğlu, Deputy Chairman, EgeGaz


Natural gas dynamics in LNG, Russia, Caspian, East Med and KRG: Progress reports

Sheikh Mohammed al Thani, former Minister of Economy and Trade, Qatar

Murat Özgün, CEO, Genel Energy

Tor Martin, Vice President, Statoil

Sergei Komlev, Director, Gazprom Export


China’s One Belt and One Road in Energy

Shen Weigo, Head of Gas, CNPC, China

Gulmira Rzayeva, Visiting Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Dr. Ali Misaghi, Managing Director and Chairman, Tavana Energy, Iran


Leadership crisis: What does it mean for the energy sector?

Robert Fulton, CEO, Global Leadership Forum, London

Osman Saim Dinç, CEO, Çalık Enerji

Ahmet Eren, Chairman, Eren Holding

Kaher Tahat, CEO, Saudi Crown Holding


Turkey’s new energy strategy: what messages for investors and operators?

Alparslan Bayraktar, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey (tbc)

Besim Şişman, CEO, Turkish Petroleum