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EU-Turkey deal: Decisive or divisive?

16 March in ENERGY ACADEMY, GEOPOLITICS | 16.03.2016 By Mehmet Öğütçü, Stephen Jones If European Union leaders were expecting Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to meekly accede to their expectations and demands at the migration summit last week, they were clearly mistaken, write Mehmet Öğütçü and Stephen Jones. Mehmet Öğütçü is chairman of the Global Resources Partnership and Stephen Jones is a partner of energy advocacy and advisory service Global Resources Communications. The summit turned into a bruising political battle, at which years of Turkish frustration at the EU’s ambivalence towards its eastern partner surfaced. Ordinarily, the effective takeover of a major newspaper, Zaman, would have caused the summit to have...

Time to demonstrate a genuine partnership of equals in Ankara and Brussels


Hürriyet Daily News | March 14 2016   CONTRIBUTOR: MEHMET ÖĞÜTÇÜ, STEPHEN JONES Time to demonstrate a genuine partnership of equals in Ankara and Brussels There is a deep unease among Turks that the European Union will wash its hands and conscience of the worsening Syrian refugee situation by extending a colossal handout - now 6 billion euros - to Ankara to make this escalating political problem go away. Meanwhile, judging by the media coverage of the recent EU-Turkey summit on migration, EU citizens could be forgiven for thinking the Turks are driving a hard bargain to extract more concessions from Europe in terms of...