The Bosphorus Energy Club | Dimitar Bechev
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Southeast Europe’s Energy: less confrontation, more collaboration

21 December in BEC IN THE MEDIA

Hürriyet Daily News | 21 December-2013 - Mehmet Öğütçü - Dimitar Bechev  One of the key strategic issues we discussed at the 12 December launch of The Bosphorus Energy Club at Sait Halim Pasha Yalisi was how the global game-changers in energy would affect the resource poor Southeast Europe, sandwiched between the major regions of the world. Southeast Europe or the Balkans has witnessed a centuries-old battleground between European powers, Russia and Turkey for geostrategic influence and economic supremacy. In modern times, it has emerged as a new battleground where Russia keeps pushing for its continued energy dominance throughGazprom’s natural gas pipelines, electricity trading and Rosatom’s nuclear power plants. Diversification of gas supplies has long dominated the agenda in the region and Turkey,...