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The Beijing Energy Club’s 2013 Annual Report


  Beijing Energy Club (BEC) had a very productive year in 2013, during which a total of 16 events, including 11 special-focus seminars, were organized. It was a record-setting year in terms of the quality and quantity of events since its inception five years ago; from Energy in the Arctic – environmental and geopolitical challenges at the beginning of the year to Recommending on China’s Natural Gas Development at the end of the year, every single...

Our Partners

26 January in OUR PARTNERS

The club has entered into mutually beneficial partnership with many like-minded, influential international groups including, inter alia: [easy-media cat="37" col="2" align="center"] The club is also in the process of creating a network of international energy advisors from Central Asia/Caspian, Russia, China, the MENA, the Gulf, Africa, South Asia and South East Europe, who will serve as regional liaison and advise the club activities and its members....


06 January in MEMBERSHIP

  The Club and its activities are financed entirely through membership fees, listed below, (which vary for founding partners and regular members) and company/ government sponsorship for ad hoc activities. The founding partners serve as directors of the board, are offered a higher profile and power to influence the programme of work and enjoy exclusive access to senior-level engagements, strategic insights and activities. Regular Club members pay a fixed subscription per year in order to benefit from the Club...