The Bosphorus Energy Club | 2016 December
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December 2016

Any optimism in the Chinese ‘Rooster Year?’


Hürriyet Daily News | December/26/2016 Mehmet Öğütçü LONDON - As the world is preparing to leave 2016 behind as a year fraught with political surprises, financial crises and market volatility, governments and businesses including those in Turkey have started to set their eyes on what the next 12 months have in store for them politically and economically. Clearly, global risks are more elevated and more interconnected than we have ever seen before and demand a proactive and integrated response to address potential impacts. To refresh your memory, since the end of the Bretton Woods order in the 1970s, there have been serious financial...

Rex Tillerson and a positive agenda for Turkish-US ties

20 December in BEC IN THE MEDIA

Hürriyet Daily News | December 20.2016 Mehmet Öğütçü |  Donald Trump is giving signs at every opportunity that he will follow a very different line from the past U.S. presidents we have known until now, and that his management style will not be much different than that in his own real estate business. In the run-up to Jan. 20, 2017, when he will take over from Barack Obama, he has almost completed his cabinet, filling it largely with retired generals and businessmen. The position of secretary of state was the most curious choice for which we all waited. He met and interviewed potential...

“Türkik Dünya” ile yeni bir ortaklık anlayışına doğru

17 December in BEC IN THE MEDIA

İngiltere Türk Dünyası Dayanışma Platformu Dergisi -  Aralık 2016 Sayısı Makale | Mehmet Öğütçü  Çin'in Sincan-Uygur Özerk Yönelim bölgesinden kalkıp Adriyatik kıyılarına kadar Türkçe konuşarak seyahat etmemiz mümkün. Çünkü bu geniş coğrafyada yaşayan insanların çoğu Altay dit altesinin üyesidir, ortak tarih, küttür ve etnik bağlar paylaşmaktadır. © Dünyanın en önem­li doğal kaynaklarının bulunduğu,zamanında “Büyük Oyun"un sahnelendiği, Çin’in baş­lattığı “One Belt, One Road" İpek Yolu girişiminin omurgası, “Türk dünyası”, “Türkik dünya", “Türkeli", “Turan”, “Avrasya" olarak da adlandırılan bu coğrafya, sanıldığı gibi, Sovyetler Birliği'nin 1991'de çökmesiyle birlikte, tek çatı altında birleşip 260 milyonu aşkın olduğu tahmin edilen nüfusuyla küresel sistemin önde gelen oyuncuların­dan birisi haline...

Towards a low-emissions world

16 December in BEC IN THE MEDIA (About Oil) | Dec, 16 2016 Natural gas may lead us towards a future dominated by renewables. However, it will remain indispensable - not only as a transition fuel but also as a permanent feature of our energy future and investments Mehmet Öğütçü | Chairman of Global Resources Partnership and Executive Chair of The Bosphorus Energy Club No doubt, the world needs to be energized in an affordable, secure, growth-inducing and climate-friendly manner, deploying all available resources, new technologies, policies, institutions and investment dollars. This is critical not only for the needs of today but also for our longer term future. Planet Earth will be home...