The Bosphorus Energy Club | 2014 January
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January 2014

Iraq and Iran plot oil revolution in challenge to Saudi Arabia


Iraq sets its sights on the top spot of Middle East oil producers  By Andrew Critchlow 28 Jan 2014 Iraq's goal of pumping 9m barrels a day of crude could be a game changer for oil prices and British companies Iraq is poised to flood the oil market by tripling its capacity to pump crude by 2020 and is collaborating with Iran on strategy in a move that will challenge Saudi Arabia's grip on the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries. "We...

Turkey as a regional natural gas hub: myth or reality?


Authors: Simone Tagliapietra Series: Energy: Resources and Markets Keywords: Natural Gas Markets, Southern Gas Corridor, Eastern Mediterranean Gas Corridor, Turkey Gas Outlook, EU Energy Policy, EU Security of Gas Supply Abstract Over the last years Turkey has been increasingly associated in the international political and economic debate with concepts such as “gas corridor” and “gas hub”. This characterization of Turkey is clearly mainly due to its unique geographical position at the crossroads the Caspian region, the Middle East and...

The Beijing Energy Club’s 2013 Annual Report


  Beijing Energy Club (BEC) had a very productive year in 2013, during which a total of 16 events, including 11 special-focus seminars, were organized. It was a record-setting year in terms of the quality and quantity of events since its inception five years ago; from Energy in the Arctic – environmental and geopolitical challenges at the beginning of the year to Recommending on China’s Natural Gas Development at the end of the year, every single...

Summary and Future Agenda

27 January in THE LAUNC MEETING – ISTANBUL - 12.12.2013

THE REGIONAL GAME-CHANGERS Energy, Investment and Geopolitics Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı, Istanbul, Turkey 12 December 2013 Click here for PDF document: The Launch Meeting Summary and Future Agenda    In a nutshell 1 - In the words of one senior business executive, “The Bosphorus Energy Club (BEC) has produced what it set out to do” as was saidat its launch meeting and ensuing dinner debate on 12 December 2013. 2 - Around 90 executives from China, Japan, Germany, France, the United States, the United...

Discussion Notes on the Regional Game -Changers

27 January in LATEST, THE LAUNC MEETING – ISTANBUL - 12.12.2013

Energy, Investment and Geopolitics Sait Halim Pasa Yalısı, Istanbul, Turkey 12 December 2013 The launch meeting of the Bosphorus Energy Clubhas identified key global and regional game-changers that are likely to shape and inform critical investment decisions, policy choices as well as energy diplomacy in the region.  It has also provided thought for food regarding the Club’s future orientation. Global game-changers 1 - Energy is no longer a simple commodity – it is an instrument of national security, economic prosperity...

Some of the discussants and participants

27 January in LATEST, THE LAUNC MEETING – ISTANBUL - 12.12.2013

Taner Yıldız, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey, Amos J Hochstein, the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy, Seyed Ali Mohammad Mousavi, Secretary-General of the D8 Economic Co-operation Organisation, Traicho Traikov, Bulgaria’s former Minister of Energy, Nuri Balrwin, Chairman, Libya National Oil Corporation, Friedbert Pflüger, Director of European Center for Energy and Resource Security at King’s College London and Germany’s former Deputy Minister of Defence, Bolat Akchulakov, Deputy Minister of Oil and Gas, Kazakhstan, Xiaojie...

Our Partners

26 January in OUR PARTNERS

The club has entered into mutually beneficial partnership with many like-minded, influential international groups including, inter alia: [easy-media cat="37" col="2" align="center"] The club is also in the process of creating a network of international energy advisors from Central Asia/Caspian, Russia, China, the MENA, the Gulf, Africa, South Asia and South East Europe, who will serve as regional liaison and advise the club activities and its members....

Davos summit calls for cleaner energy, focus on climate change


JOHN HEILPRIN DAVOS, SWITZERLAND — The Associated PressPublished Wednesday, Jan. 22 2014, 5:51 PM ESTLeaders gathered in the Swiss ski resort of Davos are pushing for nations worldwide to shift to cleaner energy sources as the best way to contain global warming and re-energize the global economy. UN climate chief Christiana Figueres, reflecting the top billing that climate change has in Davos this year, said the world economy is at risk unless a binding deal is agreed in Paris in...

Mehmet Öğütçü


In English |  Chairman, Global Resources Partnership, UK Special Envoy for The Energy Charter, Brussels Executive Chairman, The Bosphorus Energy Club, Istanbul Independent Board Member, Genel Energy plc,  London and Sisecam Group, Istanbul   An internationally recognized authority on geopolitics, energy diplomacy, and investment, Mehmet has built significant knowledge and experience in the fields of energy, natural resources, investment and geopolitical risks with particular geographic focus on Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, Russia, Africa, the Middle East and China.   Based in London, Paris, and Istanbul, his...


06 January in MEMBERSHIP

  The Club and its activities are financed entirely through membership fees, listed below, (which vary for founding partners and regular members) and company/ government sponsorship for ad hoc activities. The founding partners serve as directors of the board, are offered a higher profile and power to influence the programme of work and enjoy exclusive access to senior-level engagements, strategic insights and activities. Regular Club members pay a fixed subscription per year in order to benefit from the Club...

The regional game-changers in Energy, Investment and Geopolitics

06 January in The WHITE PAPER

This White Paper is a compilation of  several contributions prepared for The Bosphorus Energy Club launch meeting. It aims at setting the scene for discussions in an informed manner. We are grateful for valuable inputs to R. Andreas Kraemer, Charles Bland, Danila Bochkarev, Dieter Helm, Dimitar Bechev, Erik Houlleberghs, Filippo Gamba, Ian Walker, Jaroslav Kinach, Jean-Arnold Vinois, John Roberts, Marat Terterov, Michal Franco Kedmi, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Murat Çolakoğlu, Xu Jiaojie, and Tatsuo Masuda. -...

06 January in ABOUT US

The Bosphorus Energy Club is an exclusive membership-only gathering of the key shakers and movers in the energy, finance and geopolitical world of Eurasia, China, the MENA, the Gulf and Southeast Europe. The Club, as a low profile but strong influence gathering of the energy world, provides an exclusive platform to consider energy, infrastructure and investment needs, share strategic knowledge, power network, develop innovative solutions, and help reduce geopolitical tensions. It also acts as a Track-II energy diplomacy channel...